Design With Nature

Founded in 1996 by Charles Brenton, our design and planning practice engages with landscape as a canvas for the regeneration of nature and community. We work primarily in the landscapes of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our intimate studio structure makes us a top choice for clients seeking design professionals, recognized for their responsiveness and ability to create a sustainable landscape legacy.

We provide specialized expertise in green stormwater infrastructure, environmental site design, forest conservation plans, bayscapes and Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas entitlements. Working with a palette of native plant materials, we design beautiful and environmentally responsible waterfront sites. Brenton Landscape Architecture primarily serves Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Design For Humans

Our work seamlessly integrates broad scale planning, site engineering and detailed design. Effective communications constitute the critical foundation of our work. These practices begin with initial client interviews and formulation of the design program. These same practices apply in our interactions with public agencies during the review process; and finally, in our interactions with contractors during the construction phase. We are skilled at working with organizations to build consensus around project goals and objectives.

Would you like to discuss your project with us? Give us a call or email us: | 443.682.9310 | 215.370.2655